RARGOM News and Updates

2014 Annual Science Meeting Held at Boston University

The 2014 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting was held on September 30 at Boston University. The talks and posters presented at the meeting (most of them) are now posted on our Annual Science Meeting page as PDF files. Please review the information presented at the meeting and consider contacting authors to comment about their work.

RARGOM Membership Open for 2014-2015

Gulf of Maine institutions renew your membership or join RARGOM for 2014-2015 by contacting Kevin Friedland (kevin.friedland@noaa.gov) and indicating your intention of joining, who will serve as your institution representative on the RARGOM Board, and visiting this site: http://www.gulfofmaine.org/register/ to pay your RARGOM dues of $100. Be part of the fall Annual Science Meeting and the next Gulf of Maine Symposium.

The RARGOM Articles of Association have been modified

The RARGOM Board has done away with the two tier membership structure for RARGOM and has set membership dues for the 2014-2015 to $100 (compared to $2,000 previously). All member institutions will be voting members. This change was made to encourage wider participation, for more information please contact the RARGOM Chair, Kevin Friedland.

2013 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting “The 2012 Gulf of Maine heatwave: anomalous year or the new normal?”

Was held on October 8, 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth, NH.  See http://www.rargom.org/annualsciencemeeting for meeting agenda and presentations

Gulf of Maine Symposium Volume Published

The proceeding volume of the Gulf of Maine Symposium entitled "Advancing an Ecosystem Approach in the Gulf of Maine" has been published by the American Fisheries Society and is available through AFS publications. The volume contains 28 papers related to the ecology of the Gulf of Maine and will be important spruce of information on the ecosystemfor years to come. See the proceedings and purchase the volume.

RARGOM Community Learning Series

RARGOM held its first Community Learning Series workshop on "Generalized Additive Models (GAMS)" on April 25-26, 2013 in Woods Hole, MA, see Community Learning Series for further information. The session was attended by 26 participants.