Annual Science Meeting

The Annual Science Meeting is a single day science meeting held during the first half of October. The theme for the meeting is set by the RARGOM board, however community input for the meeting theme is welcome. 


2017 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
Ocean and Coastal Acidification: Causes and Potential Consequences for Ecological and Sociological Systems in the Gulf of Maine
Thursday, October 12, 2017, 9:00 AM — University of Southern Maine's Abromson Center (Hannaford Hall), 88 Bedford St., Portland, ME.


Register here. Registration deadline is Thursday Oct. 5 The EventSmart registration website will allow for paying by PayPal or there is an option for sending in a check. You can also register multiple individuals and be able to enter their information. Regular attendees from RARGOM member institutions are $45, attendees from non-member institutions are $65, and students (from anywhere and at any level) are $30. Email any questions to

Information from the most recent science meetings can be found below:

2016 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting

Science for sustaining the Gulf of Maine's ecosystems and coastal communities
October 13, 2016, Portsmouth, NH

Meeting program

2015 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
How is the timing of all things changing in the Gulf of Maine?

October 14, 2015, Portsmouth, NH

Meeting Program 

2014 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
Identifying and Monitoring Ecosystem Drivers in the Gulf of Maine
September 30, 2014 
Meeting Program

2013 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
The 2012 Gulf of Maine heatwave: anomalous year or the new normal?
October 8, 2013
Agenda and Presentations

2012 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
Will the Gulf of Maine yield more or less seafood in the future, ideas from the physical environment and lower trophic levels?
Oct 9, 2012, Portsmouth, NH
Agenda and Presentations

2011 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
The Nexus Between Climate Change and Marine Spatial Planning
Oct 5, 2011, Portsmouth, NH
Agenda and Presentations

2010 RARGOM Annual Science Meeting
Impacts of Climate Change in the Gulf of Maine

Oct 6, 2010, Portsmouth, NH
Agenda and Presentations