2021 RARGOM Online Conference Registration

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    What are the potential science and society impacts if wind energy comes to the Gulf of Maine? What might happen to fisheries, communities, or monitoring and how might we adapt?

    Convener: Libby Jewett (NOAA)


    What are we looking at in the Gulf of Maine and what are we seeing, from social systems to plankton to temperature to sea level change.

    Conveners: Jake Kritzer, (Northeast Regional Association of Ocean Observing Systems)


    What are the species interactions of importance and interest to Gulf of Maine habitats, including in the pelagic, benthic, and intertidal zones?

    Conveners: Jennifer Seavey (UNH-Shoals Marine Laboratory) and Doug Rasher (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences)


    How has the pandemic changed the way we do business from the business of fishing to the business of science and monitoring?

    Conveners: Carolina Bastidas (MIT Sea Grant) and Theresa Torrent (Maine Coastal Program/Dept of Marine Resources)


    How does the American lobster respond to a changing Gulf of Maine ecosystem, and what are the biological, social, and economic impacts of this change on the resilience of the fishery?

    Convener: Dr. Amalia Harrington, Maine Sea Grant and the American Lobster Research Program

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Malin Pinsky, Rutgers University


    What is the impact of water column stratification, precipitation, and seasonal differences in temperature on Gulf of Maine productivity?

    Possible conveners: David Townsend, University of Maine


    RARGOM celebrates 20 years of service to the Gulf of Maine community