Benefits of RARGOM

RARGOM is the only international (U.S. and Canada) organization dedicated to research in the Gulf of Maine

Get connected

  • Meet leaders and peers in Gulf of Maine research.
  • Join others who have been advocating for science and research in the Gulf of Maine since 1991.
  • Network with researchers and environmental managers in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Be a catalyst for development of research visions, programs, and infrastructure serving the regional interest.
  • Facilitate a coherent program of regional research and monitoring; promote scientific quality.
  • Encourage regional coordination and collaboration among researchers and environmental decision-makers.
  • Promote exchange of information among Gulf of Maine research institutions.
  • Promote the capabilities of your organization in Gulf of Maine research.
  • Get information on regional activities, resources and funding, and employment opportunities.
  • Announce developments and upcoming events at your institution on the RARGOM website.

Participate in innovative science meetings

  • Attend (1) Annual Science Meetings, (2) occasional Theme Sessions on current, relevant science/policy topics, and (3) synthesis symposia on the state of the science in the Gulf of Maine, held every 3 to 5 years.
  • Get inspired by invited regional, national, and international keynote speakers.
  • Learn about regional science, policy, and governance staff and organizations.
  • Foster communication and collegiality in the Gulf of Maine research community.
  • Propose and organize a meeting on a topic of current interest.
  • Get reduced registration fees for staff from member institutions.

Get involved

  • Provide scientific and technical advice and planning for federal, regional, state/Province and local agencies and organizations.
  • Offer scientific support for ecosystem-based management and coastal and marine spatial planning in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Communicate the need for and results of scientific research on the Gulf of Maine.
  • Participate in the policy arena: RARGOM ensures that science informs regional policy decisions and works to garner support for research. RARGOM, through its website, also aims to convey research results to the general public.
  • Provide scientific information to environmental managers through the auspices of the joint agreement with the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment (RARGOM has up to two seats on the Gulf of Maine Council).
  • Get the voice of your institution amplified by other institutions on public policy issues.
  • Contribute to a website that provides information on the Gulf of Maine.
  • Collaborate with other institutions on regional research projects.
  • Join as a board member and meet leading scientists from over fifteen GoM institutions.
  • Discuss regional and institutional events, resources and funding, employment opportunities and select topics for the annual science meetings

Develop professionally

  • Present a paper or poster at a RARGOM meeting.
  • Write a paper for potential publication in the proceedings of the Science Symposia (Papers from the 2009 Science Symposium in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, are gathered in a book being published by the American Fisheries Society).
  • Learn about position announcements at all levels from undergraduate research and internship opportunities to professional positions for senior scientists.


Membership Rates

Full Member:   $2,000

Associate  Member:   $100

To join RARGOM and pay the annual membership dues go to:

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RARGOM welcomes your membership and participation!

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Thank you,

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Chief Scientific Officer
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

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RARGOM Program Coordinator
Lynn Rutter

RARGOM celebrates 20 years of service to the Gulf of Maine community