RARGOM Mission Statement and Objectives

The Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine (RARGOM) is an association of institutions that are actively involved in research, management and stewardship activities related to the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. The Association was founded in 1991.

RARGOM is an advocate for regional research and stewardship of the Gulf of Maine. Its basic missions are to facilitate a coherent program of regional research, promote scientific quality and encourage regional coordination and collaboration among researchers and environmental decision-makers residing at its member institutions. Its specific objectives include the following:

  • To serve as a catalyst for development of research visions, programs and infrastructure serving the regional interest
  • To coordinate regional marine research and monitoring in and around the Gulf of Maine.
  • To provide scientific and technical advice and planning for federal, regional, state and local agencies and organizations
  • To serve as an agent for communication of regional activities, resources and funding and employment opportunities to its members
  • To communicate the need for and results of scientific research on the Gulf of Maine
  • To foster communication and collegiality in the Gulf of Maine community

RARGOM celebrates 20 years of service to the Gulf of Maine community