Theme Sessions

Theme sessions are occasional meetings reflecting a community interest in a topical area. Please contact the RARGOM chair, or any member of the RARGOM board if interested in developing a theme session.

2010 Calanus Life History Workshop
March 22, 2010, Portland, ME
Agenda and Presentations

2008 Role of Shipboard Sampling in Observing Systems
May 2, 2008, Durham, NH
Agenda and Presentations

2006 Ecosystem Indicators
November, 2006, Portsmouth, NH
Agenda and Presentations

2005 Gulf of Maine Modeling and the Observing System
July 6-7, 2005
Agenda and Presentations

2005 Modeling Needs Related to the Regional Observing System in the Gulf of Maine
July 6-7, 2005, Ogunquit, Maine

2004 Regional Marsh Monitoring and Restoration Workshop
September 29-30, 2004, Wells, ME

2004 Gulf of Maine Science-to-Management Establishing Research Priorities

2004 Integrated, Multidisciplinary Modeling
July 15, 2004, Boston, MA

RARGOM celebrates 20 years of service to the Gulf of Maine community